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CCNCC Membership



Why memberships?


To ensure stakeholders have an opportunity to participate in the future plans to grow the cultural and community goals of the society.


Who can be members?


Individuals, NGO/NP Chinese Organizations, Corporations and Government Agencies.


Why do we charge for memberships?


Although we are a non-profit society, we firmly believe in operating on a fiscally responsible basis. Funding is needed for our society to work with government, other NGO's, corporations and individuals that wish to participate in our projects. In initial stages of development, funding is necessary to grow members and grow the support base by utilizing traditional media channels and social media tools. Except for engagement of expertise in the latter areas, the organization is a volunteer based organization.


Membership Fees: 


Individual: $25.00/yr ($65.00 for 3 years; $100 for 5 years)


Student: $10.00/yr 


Corporate memberships:


1. For Profit Organizations: $200.00/yr


2. Non-Profit Chinese Organizations: $100.00/yr (except where exemption applied for and granted)


Government Agencies: $200.00/yr


Legacy members (minors): by annual donation 

Interested in a membership? Provide us with your contact information below or click the Join CCNCC tab at the top of the page!

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