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We are a non-profit society headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. Our mission is to build understanding and acceptance among Chinese and non-Chinese communities across the country by sharing our culture, history, and endeavours. We aim to foster camaraderie and good citizenship among all Canadians.
Victoria contains the oldest Chinatown in Canada and thus plays an important role in Chinese-Canadian history and heritage. From its roots in the late 19th century, our culture has evolved, and continues to evolve, as a result of economic, social, and political changes both in Canada and abroad. As more and more immigrants, visitors, and students arrive, and as each generation succeeds their elders, we hope to keep old traditions alive as well as establish new ones for the future.
One of our goals is to have a national cultural and community centre as a hub and cultural sharing place in Canada's oldest Chinatown located in Victoria, BC. This would feature Chinese culture, include a historical exhibition recognizing the past experience of Chinese in Canada and celebrate the historical, current and future contributions of Chinese in Canada. 


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Who can be members?

Individuals, NGO/NP Chinese Organizations, Corporations and Government Agencies.

Why do we charge for memberships?

Although we are a non-profit society, we firmly believe in operating on a fiscally responsible basis. Funding is needed for our society to work with government, other NGO's, corporations and individuals that wish to participate in our projects. In initial stages of development, funding is necessary to grow members and grow the support base by utilizing traditional media channels and social media tools. Except for engagement of expertise in the latter areas, the organization is a volunteer based organization.
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